Hard Hat With Built in Transitional Lens Safety Glasses

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Want to save time and money and have a hard hat that really protects you?

Here's a hard hat that features a built-in set of transitional anti-fog lens safety glasses so you will never lose them.

The hard hat
The hard hat is made from Type 1 ABS material and features a 6 point Teryline adjustable ratchet harness with replaceable padded toweling sweat band. That means your head is protected and the hard hat is comfortable to wear.

The hard hat comes in a range of colours and complies with all relevant safety standards in the US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. The hard hat has been checked by the relevant authorities in those countries to ensure that it comples with their standards.

The transitional anti-fog safety glasses
These are medium impact safety glasses and they too are in complete compliance with all relevant safety standards.

The transitional lenses will change from clear to two shades darker as you move into the sunlight.

These Safety glasses are Medium Impact & have Passed usa, Europe, & Australian Standards.

Now you can always have your safety glasses with you

so order your combination today.

  • Model: HH-TLSG-MABS-Type1